okay so the day started out very stressful. I didn’t know if I was going to be there on time or how the line with will call worked or anything. I was walking along the line and I met two super sweet girls named Jordan and anna who recognised me. I kinda stood in line with them till we got pulled out to go to the VIP line.
the Vip M&G started about half an hour late, so we weren’t allowed to take pictures, which I am still pissed about. but I gave vic my letter and told him how much he helped me with what happened at warped tour, and that they’d been a big part in my overcoming self harm. he hugged me and told me he still loved me.
mike made me promise to have fun, and I had an actual conversation with Jaime.
we went inside and by the first issues song, I had barrier. issues was AMAZING. i held both tyler and michael’s hands. after their set, they went to Their merch table, so my mom went and bought me a shirt and had it signed. she then bought the rest of my merch with my money and instructions.
letlive was insANE. Jason butler puts on a crazy show. I’m not a fan of letlive, though.
Memphis may fire kicked ass omg. Matty was not a fan of coming down to the barrier, but I still got to grab his hand at one point. I got a set list, and it was awesome.
next was pierce the veil. they were… so amazing. there are no words for it. it was 91492739273x better than CWTS, in my opinion. I had barrier, and I was right in front of tony. the first miracle of the night happened during a match into water. I guess vic remembered what I had told him during the meet and greet, and he came down to the barrier and held my hand and looked right into my eyes while he sang the first couple lines. it was amazing.
during hold on till may, I was hardcore sobbing. the lady next to me just hugged me while I cried. I’ve never cried harder at a concert, oh dear. but Vic kept smiling at me and everyone around me kept pointing it out.
they went off after bulls in the Bronx, which Vic played the Mexican breakdown instead of tony, and then Vic appeared up on the balcony with an acoustic guitar. he played an acoustic version of I’m low on gas and you need a jacket, which y’all know is one of my favourite songs by them.
before king for a day, mike came down to the barrier with 2 signed drumsticks. he scanned the crowd and then just kinda threw one, and then walked over and handed one to me and said “I promised you to have fun!”
they then played king for a day, and it was fucking awesome. the confetti was amazing. I will be putting up pictures after I water mark them.
I had to leave right after to drive 4 hours back home, but it was the best frickin concert I’ve ever been to. it’s nights like this that I live for.

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